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Email Marketing Tips: 7 Ways To Skyrocket Your Results

If you’re not using email marketing then you really need to add it to your marketing action plan, as it’s still one of the best, most cost effective marketing mediums – even outperforming social media in conversion rates

1. ​Measure your results

​We have all heard “start with the end in mind” when it comes to business planning. The same rule applies to planning your email marketing strategy. Start by looking at your prior results (start to keep track of these if you aren’t already doing so) and make some decisions based on what did or didn’t work. A good email marketing tool will allow you to check stats on who clicked on what, shared, opened and who didn’t engage in your send.

2. ​Use video in your email campaigns

​There are heaps of studies to back it up; using video and mentioning it in your subject line drastically increases open rates.

3. ​Make it mobile

​More than half of your email newsletter sends will be opened on a mobile device. A newsletter that is not mobile friendly is definitely missing out on maximum engagement.

​4. ​Make your emails familiar

​With the amount of emails we all get each day, it’s important that you look familiar, so while it’s great to test different subject lines, make sure you look familiar so that people don’t think your email is a spammy message.

Always use the same from address, and if possible, identify the type of newsletter it is via the subject line eg: Monthly News, Training etc.

​5. ​Keep your message simple

Often simpler and shorter newsletters will get much better results than long newsletters that have heaps of different content. Your readers will love you (and keep coming back for more) for a well crafted newsletter that’s focussed, short and relevant to their needs.

6. ​Make it social

​With billions of social media users worldwide, including social media sharing buttons in your newsletter can really boost the results of your campaign, so make sure you include this option in your next send. If your newsletter system does not offer you this, then you should really consider a different platform.

7. ​Focus on your goals

Have a clear goal for each email marketing campaign and focus the campaign around that goal. Sounds simple, right? But if your goal was to make more sales but your newsletter send was just focused on brand awareness, then the campaign won’t really be that successful. With clear goals in mind eg: watch a video, increase sales, fill out a form, have people use a coupon, it’s going to be much easier to measure the success of your campaign.

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